Dr Jackson is wonderful. He takes time to explain and listen. I never feel rushed with him and he spends as much time with me as I need. His nurse easy to talk to and efficient. I wish every doctors office was this way. They are truly patient centered.

VICTORIA O. | Apr 06, 2024
From the initial visit with my husband and I, Dr. Jackson, while using imaging and models of knee, shared his findings and possible options that would be most appropriate for our situations. When we asked, he shared his specific recommendation for us, which we have just completed. During our specific treatments (platelets, stem cells) we were constantly made aware of each step being done. We appreciate that Dr. Jackson and his nurse (Jessica) are so friendly/welcoming, and always listen to any questions/wonderings we have. They are very knowledgeable and their care is patient centered ! We certainly encourage anyone needing attention for 'sore' joints to contact him for possible treatment - we don't think you'll be disappointed. We certainly are not!

JoAnn S. | Apr 02, 2024
Very caring and knowledgeable Doctor

CYNTHIA B. | Mar 21, 2024
Dr. Jackson was respectful and thorough and compassionate. I have never had a doctor take so much time with me to make sure I understood what my plan of action entailed. I left his office feeling ELATED! For the first time in years I felt optimistic about my health outcome! Highly recommend!

PAULA N. | Mar 13, 2024
Dr. Jackson took his time to explain everything in great detail and in a manner a non medical professional can easily understand.

MICHAEL W. | Mar 08, 2024
Went thru min 4 hrs of physical exams and a very professional dr had a lot to handle for the VA report but he conversed , we talked about daily things , Dr Jackson has all my respect . One heck of a dr.

Edward G. | Feb 21, 2024
Dr Jackson was very professional and personable when we went to him for a consultation for my partially torn ACL. He seeks first to allow the body to heal itself vs. running to the surgery room! Dr. Jackson is now on our list of trusted Doctors! I will recommend him in the future!

Dave N. | Feb 20, 2024
I had my first appointment with Dr. Jackson and I was impressed by how personable he was. He took his time to check and explain with detail everything related to my problem, he also gave me options. You definitely don’t see this in many doctors. His assistant (Jessica) was so nice and helpful!! Thanks so much for treating your patients like humans, with dignity, not just like a number!!

CLAUDIA T. | Feb 08, 2024
Scheduling was easy and I was able to get in quickly for consultation and diagnosis. Dr. Jackson thoroughly explained the philosophy of regenerative medicine. He explained the diagnostic process and listened to/answered my questions. I am very hopeful about this procedure. Dr. Jackson is the only physician I have found in the area who offers treatment options for healing soft tissue beyond PT.
Angella Flatt | Nov 16, 2023

Best place to go for regenerative healing, not just treating symptoms! You can either wait until the joint is ruined and replace it or regenerate it w platelets at the early stages of wear and tear. Dr. Jackson AND his nurse were great!

Amy Porterfield | Jan 26, 2024

Dr Jackson has done the stem cell treatment on my shoulder and knee in the past with great success. Needing more work on my other shoulder and my back. I looked him up and scheduled an appointment which he explained what my problem was and gave me the option of what I could have done. I’m looking forward to having it done.

John Wersinger | Nov 16, 2023

Dr.Jackson is very professional and helpful, I gained valuable and helpful knowledge from my visit that will help me and others for a lifetime. I look forward to treating my issues with the flexibility of treatment options.

Jamie D Kaiser | Dec 16, 2023

Dr Jackson was very thorough at my initial consultation and took ALL the time I needed to explain and answer ALL my questions. Clearly cares for his patients’ well-being!

Kelly Glawe | Feb 15, 2023