Dr Jackson was very thorough i explaining everything a d and answered all my questions even showing me on the x-rays

WANDA W. | Jul 08, 2024
Dr Jackson has taken care of me and my knees for 11yr and I'm doing much better than when we started

STEVE G. | Jun 27, 2024
Very helpful and very knowledgeable.

TERRY W. | Jun 27, 2024
Dr Jackson has taken care of me and my knees for the past11 years and I'm much better now than 11 years ago.

STEVE G. | Jun 26, 2024
I’ve been going to Dr Jackson for 1 year and the treatments are very helpful

JOSEPH A. | Jun 14, 2024
Very pleased with immediate relief and looking forward to long term benefits. Thank you Dr Jackson!

CHARLES W. | Jun 11, 2024
My son was having back pain, 2 slightly herniated discs. Tried PT for a year didn't really work. Went to Dr. Jackson and he used Shockwave therapy 3x. The pain went away and 6 months later still feels good. Same son pulled his hamstring so brought him back to use on his hamstring strain.

TYLER S. | Jun 03, 2024
The visit was so useful and perfect. I was satisfied very much

ASMAA S. | May 10, 2024
Scheduling was easy and I was able to get in quickly for consultation and diagnosis. Dr. Jackson thoroughly explained the philosophy of regenerative medicine. He explained the diagnostic process and listened to/answered my questions. I am very hopeful about this procedure. Dr. Jackson is the only physician I have found in the area who offers treatment options for healing soft tissue beyond PT.
Angella Flatt | Nov 16, 2023

Best place to go for regenerative healing, not just treating symptoms! You can either wait until the joint is ruined and replace it or regenerate it w platelets at the early stages of wear and tear. Dr. Jackson AND his nurse were great!

Amy Porterfield | Jan 26, 2024

Dr Jackson has done the stem cell treatment on my shoulder and knee in the past with great success. Needing more work on my other shoulder and my back. I looked him up and scheduled an appointment which he explained what my problem was and gave me the option of what I could have done. I’m looking forward to having it done.

John Wersinger | Nov 16, 2023

Dr.Jackson is very professional and helpful, I gained valuable and helpful knowledge from my visit that will help me and others for a lifetime. I look forward to treating my issues with the flexibility of treatment options.

Jamie D Kaiser | Dec 16, 2023

Dr Jackson was very thorough at my initial consultation and took ALL the time I needed to explain and answer ALL my questions. Clearly cares for his patients’ well-being!

Kelly Glawe | Feb 15, 2023